Data privacy policy and consent to use data by (hereinafter referred to as "ISB")

The processing of each customer’s personal data is carried out in full compliance with the directives provided for by law.

This document can be printed or saved using the functions of your Internet browser program. It can also be downloaded and saved in PDF format using the free Adobe Reader program (downloadable at or comparable programs that support the PDF format.

By consenting to the following data privacy policy, you authorize ISCHIA SORGENTE DI BELLEZZA S.R.L., located in Naples at Via Lombardi number 25, 80125 Naples (Italy) VAT number 04621640632 (hereinafter referred to as “ISB”) to acquire, process, and utilize your personal data in accordance with federal data-protection laws and the following provisions.

1. Responsible site

The site responsible for the acquisition, processing, and utilization of your personal data in accordance with federal data-protection laws is www…….

Should you wish to revoke consent to the acquisition, processing or utilization of your data according to the stipulations of these data-protection provisions, or should you wish to revoke individual points, you can send your objection via e-mail, fax or letter to the following contact options:



Address: Barano d'Ischia, Via Bosco dei Conti 60, 80070 Naples (Na)

Fax: 081 507 0010


2. Tracking, processing, and use of personal data

2.1 Personal data

Person-specific data describes details relating to the actual or personal relationships of a specific or identifiable natural person. Such details include, for example, your name, your telephone number, and your address, and all the data you provide us when registering and creating your customer account. Statistical data collected when visiting our online store, for example, and which are not directly attributable to you individually, are not part of your personal data. For example, statistics about which pages of our online store are more visited or how many users choose certain pages of the ISB shop.

2.2 Customer account

For each customer who registers, we provide access to the data saved on our site (customer account). Here you may view information regarding orders placed, open orders, and last shipments; you can also manage your address, payment details, and newsletter settings. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account and password and for restricting access to third parties. We cannot assume liability for unauthorized use of passwords, except in cases where the abuse is attributable to us.

With the “remain connected” feature we seek to give you the most pleasant web-site experience possible. This feature allows you to make use of our web-site services without having to login each time. For your security, you will be asked to verify your password when, for example, you want to make changes to your personal information or place an order. We recommend not to use this feature when accessing our site from a computer with multiple users. This “remain connected” feature is not available when utilizing browser settings that automatically delete saved cookies after each session.

2.3 Tracking, processing, and use of your personal data


Data protection is very important to us. Therefore, when we disclose, process and utilize your personal data, we strictly respect the provisions of the Data Protection Act and the Law on the Use of Media. We disclose, save, and process your data for the overall performance of your purchase, including any future warranties for our customer service, technical administration, and our marketing purposes. Your personal data will be disclosed to third parties only if this is necessary for the fulfilment of the contract or for billing or if you have previously given your consent. Our service providers (i.e., transporters, logistics companies, banks) receive the necessary data for the fulfilment of the order and the contract. Our service providers may only use the data provided to fulfil their duties. They have no right to use the information for other purposes.


To process your order, we must receive accurate information regarding your name, address, and payment details. We require your e-mail address to confirm your order and to communicate with you. We also use it to identify you (customer access). Finally, through the e-mail address provided, you will receive order confirmation and shipping information.


If you do not consent to the storage of your data and if you wish to invoke your right to request cancellation, your data will be deleted when they are no longer needed for the purpose for which they were saved or if the storage of the data is prohibited for other legal reasons.


2.4 Use of Your Data for Advertising Purposes


We use your data, in addition to completing purchases at ISB, also to contact you regarding your orders, specific products or to contact you for marketing purposes and to suggest products or services, whether from ISB or third parties that may interest you.


These communications can be sent to you through printed materials placed inside your ISB packages or by automated systems (sms, mms, e-mails). You have the right, at any time, to revoke your permission for the use of your personal data for advertising purposes, whether in its entirety, or by limiting activity to specific channels; you will not incur costs other than the basic fee for sending the revocation. Just send a written communication to the contacts mentioned in Point 1 (i.e., by e-mail or letter).

2.4.1 Newsletter

To send the newsletter we utilize the Single Opt-In process, therefore, we will only send you the newsletter by e-mail if you have expressly confirmed that you would like to activate the newsletter subscription.

Should you later decide that you no longer want to receive the newsletter or other forms of advertising communications, you can revoke authorization at any time without incurring any costs other than the basic fee determined for the transmission of said revocation. A written communication form sent to one of the contact options given under Point 1 (i.e., e-mail, fax, letter) is sufficient for this purpose. Of course, there is also a cancellation link in every newsletter.

2.4.2 Product Advertising via E-mail

As ISB client, you will regularly receive advertising e-mails about our products, regardless of your newsletter subscription. These e-mails seek to give information about products in our line that may interest you, based on your previous purchases. These communications strictly respect all legal provisions.


If you no longer wish to receive product advertising or other forms of advertising communication, you can revoke authorization at any time without incurring any costs other than the basic fee determined for the transmission of said revocation. A written communication form sent to one of the contact options given under Point 1 (i.e., e-mail, fax, letter) is sufficient for this purpose. Of course, there is also a cancellation link in every advertising e-mail.

2.4.3 Personalized Advertising


The information we receive from you helps us constantly improve your shopping experience, making it more enjoyable and personalized. Information transmitted from you or generated automatically is used to create advertising tailored to your interests. To this end, we use the available information, i.e., e-mail tracking and receipt confirmation, information relating to computer and Internet connection, operating system and platform, your order archive, your service archive, the date and time you visited the site, and the products you viewed.


We use this information only in the form of a pseudonym. Analyzing and evaluating this information allows us to improve our web-sites and our offerings on the Internet; in this way, we can send you personalized advertising, that is, advertising that suggests products that could meet your interest. Our goal is to create more useful and interesting advertising for you. In fact, the evaluation and analysis of your data, converted in the form of a pseudonym, help us not to send you random advertising. Instead, by e-mail or post, we send you advertising like newsletters and product suggestions that match your interests. Therefore, for example, we can track which advertising e-mails are opened, in order not to send unnecessary e-mails.

I authorize ISB to use the information I have provided and other information saved on my account as well as to use data in the form of a pseudonym to receive personalized advertising and/or special offers and services.

If you no longer wish to receive personalized advertising, you have the right, at any time, to revoke your authorization entirely or to revoke consent for certain parts. To do this, just send a written communication to the contacts mentioned in Point 1 (i.e., e-mail, letter).

2.4.4 Prize Competitions, Market Research and Opinion Polls

In the case of prize competitions, we make use of your data for winning notifications and for advertising our offers. More detailed information can be found in the terms of participation for the respective prize-winning game.

We also use your data for market research and opinion polling. The data is utilized anonymously for statistical purposes, solely by ISB. Your answers to opinion polls are neither passed on to third parties nor are they published. Answers to polls will not be saved in connection to your e-mail or other personal data.

I authorize ISB to process and use my personal data to conduct market research and opinion polls.

You can object to the use of data for market-research and opinion-polling purposes at any time, whether in its entirety or regarding individual points, without any costs being thereby incurred, other than the transmission costs in keeping with the basic fees. Written communication sent to one of the contacts given under Point 1 (i.e., e-mail, fax, letter) is sufficient for this purpose. There is, of course, also a cancellation link available in every opinion-poll e-mail.

3. Cookies

The acceptance of cookies is not a prerequisite to access our web-sites. We draw your attention, however, to the fact that the “cart” option and ordering of products is not possible if you do not authorize cookies.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files that are stored on your data carrier and hold certain settings and data for exchange with our system via your browser. Basically, there are 2 different types of cookies: the so-called session cookies, that are deleted as soon as you close your browser, and the temporary/permanent cookies, that are stored on your hard drive for a longer period or indefinitely. This type of storage helps us to design our web-sites and our offers, and makes it easier for you to use them in that, for example, certain input from you can be stored so that you are not required to enter this repeatedly.


What cookies does ISB use?

Most of the cookies used by us are automatically deleted from your hard disk at the end of the browser session (hence the term “session cookies”). Session cookies are needed, for example, to make the shopping-basket function available to you over several pages. In addition to these, we also make use of cookies that remain on your hard disk. On a subsequent visit, it is automatically recognized that you have previously visited our site, and we know which input and settings you prefer. These temporary or even permanent cookies (lifespan of 1 month to 10 years) are stored on your hard drive and are automatically deleted after the pre-specified period. These cookies, in particular, help us make our offer more user-friendly, more effective, and more secure. Thanks to these files it is possible, for example, that the site shows you information that has been specially selected to match your interests. The sole purpose of these cookies is to adapt our offer to the customer’s wishes, as well as possible, and to make surfing with us as comfortable as possible.

What data is saved in the cookies?

Personal data is not saved in cookies used by ISB. Therefore, the cookies we use are not attributable to a specific person and therefore cannot be attributed to you. When a cookie is enabled, an identification number is assigned. At no point, will your personal information connect back to the ID number and no attempt would ever be made to do so. Your name, IP address, and similar data, that may link back to your person, will never be used. Based on cookie technology, we only receive information in the form of a pseudonym, for example, what pages of our online store receive the most traffic, what products are most viewed, etc.

What is Onsite Targeting?

Based on cookie technology, ISB web-sites collect data to optimize our advertising and our range of online products. These data are not used to identify you personally, but only serve to evaluate the use of the homepage as a pseudonym. Your data will not be linked to your personal data at any time. This technology allows us to offer you adverts and/or offers and specific services, whose content is based on information obtained through clickstream analysis (for example, personalized advertising if you have only viewed sneakers in the last few days). Our goal is to make our online offer as interesting as possible and to deliver advertisements that reflect your areas of interest.


Are there also cookies from third-party suppliers (so-called “third-party cookies”)?

ISB makes use of several advertising partners who help us make our Internet offerings and the ISB web-sites more interesting. When visiting the web-sites, the cookies of partner companies are also stored on your hard drive. These cookies are temporary/permanent cookies that are deleted automatically after the pre-specified period. These temporary or even permanent cookies (lifespan of 14 days to 10 years) are stored on your hard disk and delete themselves after the pre-specified period. The cookies of our partner companies also contain solely pseudonymous ‑ mostly even anonymous ‑ data. Utilizing a user ID, we can retrieve anonymous data. This relates, for example, to data regarding which products you have viewed, whether a purchase was completed, which products were searched for, etc. Here, some of our advertising partners also collect information from web-site pages you have previously visited or which products you were interested in, to show you advertising that best aligns with your interests. These cookies are anonymous and at no point will be connected to your personal information. Their sole purpose is to help our advertising partners to promote ads that could interest you.


Our web-sites make use of so-called re-targeting technologies. We use these technologies to make the Internet offer more interesting for you. This technique allows Internet users, who have already shown an interest in our shop and our products, to also be provided with suitable advertising on the web-sites of our partners. We are convinced that personalized advertising, which accounts for the interests of the user, normally results in more attractive advertising. Visualization through advertising channels of our partner sites is based on cookie technology and analysis of users’ behaviour. This form of advertising employs a pseudonym. Personal data and user profiles are not linked to your personal information and will not be saved.

I consent to the use of cookies, storage, and use of my user data. Furthermore, I agree to the storage of my cookie data even after closure of browser in so that, for example, they may be employed for return visits to the web-sites. I have the right to withdraw my consent for any time in the future, changing the settings of the browser and blocking cookies.

How can I block cookies from being saved?

In your browser, you can choose to accept cookies only upon request. If you intend to accept ISB cookies, but not cookies from our service companies and partners, you can select the "block third-party cookies" setting in your browser.


Normally, in your web browser menu, in the Support section, you can see how to reject new cookies and disable existing cookies. The following link provides detailed information on how to set the browser you are using.


In the case of shared computers set up to accept cookies and flash cookies, we recommend that you always disconnect completely after use.


4. File Log

During every access to our ISB page, user data is transmitted by the respective Internet browser and stored in protocol files, the so-called server log files. The datasets stored here contain the following data: date and time of access, name of accessed page, IP address, referrer’s URL (original URL from which you arrived at the web-site), the amount of data transmitted product and version information of the browser used.

Subject to possible legal retention obligations, users’ IP addresses are deleted or anonymized after use has been ended. During the anonymization process, the IP addresses are changed in such a way that the individual information about personal or material circumstances can no longer be allocated to a certain or to an ascertainable person, except with an unreasonably high expense of time, money, and manpower.


We analyze these log file data sets anonymously to improve our offerings and the ISB shopping experience, to make it easier, to find and eliminate errors more quickly, and to control the server’s capacity. In this way, we can ascertain, for example, at which hours the ISB shop is highly trafficked, to provide the necessary amount of data to guarantee rapid sales. In addition, analysis of protocol files allows us to locate and eliminate any errors in the ISB shop faster.

5. Web Analytics

To constantly improve and optimize our offerings, we employ tracking technologies. To this end, we utilize the services of Google Analytics and Webtrekk.

5.1 Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a service of Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA (“Google”). Google Analytics uses “cookies”, which are text files that are stored on your computer, to analyze how you interact with our web offerings through Google. The information generated on your use of this web-site is transmitted, normally, to a Google server in the USA and stored there. We inform you that our Google Analytic sites have been enhanced with the “gat.anonymizelp();” code to guarantee the anonymous acquisition of IP addresses (so called IP-masking). By activating the IP-anonymize function, by our request, Google finds only a shortened version of your IP address, which guarantees anonymity and does not allow for your identification. By activating the IP-anonymize function on this web-site the IP address is shortened, within the member countries of the European Union or in other contracting states that are party to the agreement on the European Economic Area, before further transfer. Only in exceptional cases, the full IP address is sent to a Google server in the USA and shortened there. 


Google respects the Terms of the US-Safe-Harbor Convention Data Protection, and is registered with the Safe Harbor program of the US Department of Commerce. Google will use this information to evaluate your use of our web-sites, to draft protocols about web-site activities, and to provide us with other services related to the use of the web-site and the Internet. The IP address that Google Analytics transfers from your browser will not be associated with other Google data. Google will only disclose this information to third parties if there are any statutory requirements or in order to process data. Under no circumstances, will Google associate your data with other data found by Google. By using these web-sites, you agree to the processing of your data detected in the manner and for the purposes described above.

You can avoid the tracking of cookie data by changing your browser settings, we alert you, however, that this may compromise certain web-site functionalities. You can prevent the acquisition of data generated by cookies and relating to your use of web-sites (including your IP address) by Google, as well as its processing by Google, by downloading and installing the browser plug-in available at the following address.

Find more information on Google Analytics and protection of data here:

5.2 Webtrekk

We also use the technologies of Webtrekk GmbH, Boxhagener Str. 76-78, 10245 Berlin ( for the statistical evaluation of our web-sites. With the support of Webtrekk services, we track statistical data regarding the use of our web offerings. This data is used to improve and optimize our offers on a long-term basis, and therefore make them more interesting for you. TÜV Saarland (Technical Control Body) has certified Webtrekk GmbH in data protection for the web control software that ISB employs. Above all, tracking and tracking files have been checked and certified for compliance with data protection and security. As part of the use of these web-sites, the information transmitted by your browser is detected and analyzed. This is done through the cookie technology and the so-called pixels, that are included on each web-site. The following data is detected: Request (file name required), browser type/version, browser language, operating system used, internal browser window resolution, screen resolution, javascript activation, Java on/off, cookies on/off, colour intensity, URL referrer, IP address (it is only detected in anonymous form and deleted immediately after your use), access time, clicks, order values, shopping carts, and form content in anonymous form (for example, if a phone number is entered or not). The direct reference to the person is excluded at all times. Collected data is used to create anonymous user profiles that provide basic information for web statistics. Data collected with Webtrekk technologies, unless explicitly authorized by the user, will not be employed to personally identify the site visitor and will never be linked to the user's personal data identified under the pseudonym. You have the ability, at any time, to revoke consent for the tracking and saving of data in the future. To do so, connect to the following link Confirming the link on your device will include a so-called opt-out cookie. This cookie has a validity of 5 years. Please note that when you delete all cookies in your machine, you also delete the opt-out cookie; if you intend to continue withdrawing your consent to Webtrekk for data retrieval in anonymous form, you will need to re-enter the opt-out cookie. The opt-out cookie is inserted for each browser and for each single machine. If you visit our web-sites from home and work or with different browsers, you must activate the opt-out cookie in different browsers or in different machines.

6. DoubleClick by Google

DoubleClick by Google is a service of Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheater Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA ("Google"). DoubleClick by Google uses cookies to display relevant ads for you. A pseudonym identification number (ID) is assigned to your browser to check which ads were displayed in your browser and which ads were opened. Cookies do not contain any personally identifiable information. The use of DoubleClick cookies allows Google and its affiliate sites to advertise on the basis of previous visits to our or other web-sites on the Internet. The information generated by the cookies is transmitted by Google for evaluation to a server in the USA and stored there. Google respects the Terms of the US-Safe-Harbor Convention Data Protection, and is registered with the Safe Harbor program of the US Department of Commerce. The transfer of data by Google to third parties takes place only according to legal regulations or in the context of the order data processing. Under no circumstances, will Google associate its data with other data collected by Google.

By accessing this web-site, you consent to the processing of your data for the purpose described above. You can prevent the storage of cookies at any time by configuring your Internet browser so that cookies are not accepted by DoubleClick by Google. However, this may result in certain limitations to the functionality and usability of our web-sites.You can also prevent Google from tracking and processing data generated by cookies related to the use of web-sites by downloading and installing the browser plug-in available at the following link in the "Double-Click Deactivation Extension" section. Alternatively, you can disable DoubleClick-Cookies on the Digital Advertising Alliance web-site at the following link.

7. Social Plugins

Our web-site uses social plugins ("plugins") from different social networks. With the help of these plugins, you can, for example, share content or recommend products. The standard plugins are deactivated by default on ISB and therefore do not send any data. By clicking on the "Enable Social Media" button you can activate the plugins. Obviously, the plugins can be deactivated with one click again.

When these plugins are enabled, your browser connects directly to the servers of the respective social network as soon as you access a web-site of our Internet presence. The content of the plugin is transmitted directly from the social network to your browser and integrated into it by the web-site. The plugins may also be deactivated with one click.


By integrating the plugins, the social network gets the information that you have opened the corresponding page of our web-site. If you are logged in to the social network, you can assign the visit to your account. If you interact with the plugins, for example, using the Facebook "Like" button or making a comment, the corresponding information from your browser is sent directly to the social network and stored there.

For information on the purpose and scope of the data tracking and the further processing and use of the data by social networks, as well as your rights and settings for the protection of your privacy, please refer to the privacy policy of the respective networks or web-sites. Corresponding links available below.


If you do not want social networks to collect data from our site, prior to visiting our site, you must log off your social network account.


Even if you are not logged into social networks, web pages with active social plugins can send data to the networks. An active plugin is used to set a cookie with an identifier every time the web page is accessed. Because your browser does not send this cookie every time you connect to a network server, the network could create a profile that calls some web-sites that the user has visited. And it would then also be quite possible to assign this identifier to a person later - for example, at the time of subsequent access to the social network by the user.

Our sites enable the following plugins: Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Pinterest.

If you do not want social networks to collect data about you through active cookies, you can either disable the social plugins on our web-sites or choose the option "Block third-party cookies" in your browser settings. Then the browser does not send cookies to the server for embedded content from other providers. With this setting, however, in addition to the plugin functions, other site functionalities may be compromised.


7.1 Facebook

We use social network plugins managed by Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304 USA ("Facebook"). At the following address, you can find the Facebook Privacy Statement: Facebook Data Protection Tips.

7.2 Google+

We use Google+ social network plugins managed by Google. At the following link, you can find the Google Privacy Statement: Google Data Protection Guidelines.

7.3 Twitter

We use Twitter social network plugins managed by Twitter Inc., 795 Folsom St., Suite 600, San Francisco, CA 94107, USA ("Twitter"). At the following address, you'll find the Privacy Statement on Twitter: Twitter Privacy Statement.

7.4 Pinterest

We use Pinterest social network plugins run by Pinterest Inc., 635 High Street, Palo Alto, CA, USA ("Pinterest"). At the following address, you can find the Pinterest Data Protection Statement: Pinterest Data Protection Guidelines. 

8. Social Sign-In

We offer you the possibility to sign into our sites directly with an external social network profile.

8.1 Sign In with Facebook

We use the "Facebook Connect" feature offered by Facebook. If you want to use this feature you will first be redirected to Facebook. Then you will be required to log in with your username and password. Obviously, we do not have access to your login data. If you are already connected to Facebook, the system will skip this step. Facebook will then inform you of the data that will be transmitted to us (public profile, friends list, e-mail address, and current address). Confirm the data transmission by pressing the "OK" button. With the data received, we create a customer account, you friend list will obviously not be saved. Moreover, there will be no permanent connection between your customer account and your Facebook account. You can find information about the purpose and extent of data capture and the processing and use of data via Facebook, as well as your rights and help with privacy settings, in the data protection section of Facebook.

8.2 Sign-In with Google

We use the Google+ Sign In feature provided by Google.


If you want to use this feature you will first be redirected to Google. Then you will be required to log in with your username and password. Obviously, we do not know receive your login data. If you're already connected to Google, the system will skip this step.


Google will then inform you of the data that will be transmitted to us (e-mail address, age group, language, general information about your profile, and contact list of your circle of friends). Confirm the data transmission by pressing the "I Accept" button. You can also indicate if and with what circles you intend to share the registration to our sites. With the data we upload, we create a customer account, but, of course, we will not save the contact list of your circles. Furthermore, there will be no permanent connection between your customer account and your Google Account.


You can find information about the purpose and extent of the data capture and the processing and use of data across Google, as well as your rights and help with privacy settings, in Google’s data protection guidelines.


9. Secure Data Transfer

We transfer your personal data through secure encoding. This applies to your order as well as login. To do this, we use the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption system. No one can guarantee absolute protection, but we protect our web-sites and other systems with technical and organizational solutions to prevent the loss, destruction, access, modification or disclosure of your data to unauthorized persons.

10. Your Right to Information

In accordance with the Data Protection Act, our customers have the right to receive free information about their saved data, and may request correction, blocking or cancellation.


Protecting your data is extremely important to us. To ensure that your personal information is not shared with third parties, please send your request along with any details that allow us to identify you by e-mail or mail to:




Address: Barano d'Ischia, Via Bosco dei Conti 60, 80070 Naples (Na) 

Tel.: 081 507 0010