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Cooling liquid 500 ml

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Liquid with a characteristic scent and color for an intense refreshing effect.


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Soak bandages in Liquid cooling diluted in water and then begin to wrap legs and feet taking care to make them wrap and adhere well from the bottom to the top. The application must transmit a feeling of containment similar to an elastic stock, containing but without painful and constraining compressions. Keep the bandages for about 30 minutes.

Menthol, Camphor, Horse Chestnut, Thermal water

When there are circulation problems that are revealed with heaviness, enlargement, swelling, relaxation, varicosities, in the lower limbs, the temperature is higher to 5 ° C compared to the rest of the body.
The main feature of frigotherapy, a therapeutic treatment, used for many years at the thermal stations, is to obtain a calculated temperature decrease of the legs for the hypothermia degrees detected ie from 2 ° to 5 ° C.
It uses a solution, which causes the refrigerant reaction, then you immerse of elasticated bandages so that the liquid be penetrated perfectly.
At this point it passes to the phase of the bandage, it starts from the sole of the foot and gradually increasing the compression along the leg up to the thigh, sometimes it gets above the buttocks.
The application of bandages lasts about half an hour in which it can remain extended but with legs bent or walking in such a way as to promote the volatilization of the product and thus encourage all chemical reactions due to the solution.
Thanks to bandage the blood vessels dilate and are subjected to different pressures forcing as during a massage but more frequently. In this way all the cells stationed around blood vessels are involved in the action of the solution, buying more vigorously.
This type of therapy is used in the treatment of phlebitis, edema, venous stasis, and so on. Or before or after medical treatment such as after sclerosing treatment or after mesotherapy.
It is used during pregnancy to fight all the classic circulatory disorders that afflict women during this delicate period.

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